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Why Worry?

Why worry? why and why? it does not do any good except make you feel hell on earth.

I checked on the wiki and the official worry definition is as follows:

 “Worry refers to negative self-talk that often distracts the mind from focusing on the problem at hand”


 so when we worry , we are actually blocking our mind to do the right thing!

It has happened to me lately that I am worrying a lot about very small things which might sound funny to the listener. It is very distressing and completely out of control thing that I do.

I don’t know how to get over something bad once it enters my head and I am really desperate to find a cure for me.

let me share with you about what I am worrying lately, so as I went home yesterday I see that some of the pavement stones have been broken by the gardner, at first I did not react to the accident but later the whole picture of the broken pavement is coming to my head again and again. Normally without worrying I should have hired somebody to repair the damn pavement, but with my gift of worrying I am only worrying about it and am enjoying the mess in my head.

This is too much and I have to stop this nonsense, I am going right now to get somebody to fix the pavement or any other thing for that matter and am not going to worry about it!



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