Adventures of a Ghost from Kabul

Everything will be discussed!


Thursday is called Gulshanbe (Gul = flower, shanbe = week day) in Afghanistan and you know why, because this is the best day of the week!

By the time you get up from bed, you are already thinking about the Friday that is tomorrow and the thought of it makes you just happy. Friday is the weekend in Afghanistan and everybody stays home, sleeping well into the day and doing nothing at all except enjoying themselves.

I particularly like the full 10 hour sleep that I get on Fridays, the large and tasty lunch with the whole family and last but not the least staying idle all day reading books and napping in the afternoon.

On Thursday me and my ghostly Friends go out (you might call it that in Kabul) and try hard to have some fun in Kabul. Mostly they are visits to the city centre (shopping mall, newly built), sometimes we go out to dinner on Thursdays to some place with good Chelam (Sheesha). It is nice and fun to just let go all the pressure from the week and just enjoy yourself for one day.

There are a number of things that we lack in Kabul which could have made our gulshanbe even more fun:

  • a nice cinema with latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks
  • a night club (without all the security guys in it @@ wishful thinking!)
  • a romantic  restaurant where you could go to and not see any guns (total spoilers)
  • a bowling club (aaahhhhh)
  • a spot bar with live football matches from premier league! (definitely)
  • a health club and spa (with reasonable prices matching that of Delhi or Islamabad and not New York!)
  • What else?

I am sure there are other missing things from the scene in Kabul but already with the above list it almost covers everything a great city needs.


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