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Bombing in Kabul

I just heard that there was a suicide bombing in Kabul this morning. It seems that a bastard with a car full of explosives rammed into an armoured vehicle in the morning rush.

The specific area of the blast is the air port road which is normally very busy all day and specially in the morning. For sure and as usual civilians will be the victims of this tragedy as it is always the common man that gets killed, injured and victimized by these cold blooded criminals.

I don’t know what is in the mind of the loser who is blowing himself up in order to get to paradise? Do they think about the ordinary people that they are killing? Do they really think that by killing people they will be rewarded by Allah? What the hell are they thinking?


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All the fuss about languages!

I am really tired of the recent spat about the use of some words (Danishgah, Danishjo and Danishkada) instead of others (Pohantoon, Mahsel, Pohanzai) . It is really boring to dicuss these minor issues at the time when Afghanistan faces huge challenges on all fronts.

Just to mention one important news in the last month alone more than 1200 peopole have died because of the cold wave hitting parts of the country and this has not attracted the kind of attention that the language game has attracted.

It is really disappointing that media organisations and political parties are using the language issue to stir ethnic and tribal tensions between the people of Afghanistan.

One can not count on political parties to avoid these spats, but I am very disappointed with the media outlets who are really putting petrol on the fire and making an issue out of it.

I was watching the Guftuman programme on Tolo last night and the performance of the anchor was shameful if nothing more. The guy really did not know anything about journalism ethics and was taking sides all the time. For example every time Mr. Habibullah Rafi a prominent Afghan scholar tried to reply to Mr. Anchor’s stupid questions, He would immediately cut him and do not let him speak freely. By contrast he allowed Mr. Rahnaward Zariab an Iranian agent working to destabilise Afghanistan by stirring this issue to make allegations without any proof and fact behind it.

I am sure that ordinary people are fed up with these unnecessary and useless discussions and would like the media to focus on what is good for Afghanistan collectively and not what is good for our neighbouring countries.

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