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The bloody victory day

It is so sad that is almost funny to see the Mujaheddin as they call themselves still celebrate the 8th of Sawr.


 Every year for at least a month the whole area surrounding the EIDGA mosque (parade location) is blocked with heavy security presence, day and night.


To the local population this is torture coupled with the memories from this day 16 years ago when different Mujaheddin factions entered Kabul and launched their bloody and cruel war for power.


The war destroyed much of Kabul and more than 50 thousand Kabulis were slaughtered by the warring factions headed by Ahmed Shah Massoud and Gulbudin Hekmatyar, albeit the war extended to other groups and factions latter which paved the way for the emergence (creation by Pakistan) of Taliban.


I happen to live near the military parade area. Actually the military parade is held on a Kabul main road connecting the south-eastern part of the capital with the rest of the ruins. Everyday for the last one month the roads are blocked, cars searched and ordinary locals harassed the not so professional security personnel. Everybody I know in the area is disgusted with this day and with everything that comes with it. There was so much frustration and anger in the area. Most of the people were saying:


 “Why are they spending so much money on this military parade when Kabulis do not have anything to eat”, ” The government should just buy wheat and food stuff and distribute to poor people in Kabul and not have this military parade”?


Well, we all know what happened at the end. The government spent millions of dollars to prepare for the military parade, disturbed the locals and then somebody fired some rounds and the whole thing finished.


How cruel is this?


Millions wasted! Local population suffered!


For What???



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