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I am missing the daily show

You know  I love the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in Afghanistan you can watch the global edition of the show on CNN on Saturdays and Sundays. It is not only the anchor Jon Stewart that is great about the show but the whole team at the Daily show is great, including the not so real reporters and pundits.

Since I changed my residence from one area of Kabul to another area of Kabul where there is no cable operators, I have not watched a single episode of the show. and its killing me. I dont know what to do, maybe I should altogether quit following tv programmes?

Or I could watch the show on the internet, which will take alot of my time and will dry my megabites share of the internet. I dont know. I am very confused.


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Whats up guys?

I have been busy lately, with alot of things and alot of thoughts. I really could not find time to write anything here, so that I am back now, writiting that is: I am fine and doing great.

Write you soon!

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Democratic Blunders

In US election the Democrats are performing blunders lately. First there was the Obama Pastor (Mullah) un-patriotic comments where he had declared “God damn America” slogan to his listeners and then there was the Hillary walking under threat from snipers which proved to be a big lie.

The whole saga is not related to the real issues which needs to be discussed but there is one lucky bastard that is very happy about the whole thing. Yes John McCain is a very happy man these days, as the Democrats are wrangled in dirty fights and dirty politics, McCain is traveling the world and making very presidential appearances and speeches.

To his credit Obama came up with a terrific speech in response to his Pastor’s comments, which really covered the whole context. I liked his speech so much that I posted it on this website, so that I can have a look at it from time to time.

Hillary needs to control her speeches and emotions, she has already won one race with help from her crocodile tears and it is time she starts to play fair and stop the dirty politics that is helping the Republicans and hurting the Democratic party.

I want to see a Democrat in white house BUT Hillary is really not helping!

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Boring Day

I am very bored today, I don’t know what to do and where to go? I am not sure how will I turn my day around today? and by doing what?

Maybe I should go home, forget about everything and sleep? But sleeping early in the the day is not one of my things as every-time I sleep during the day I usually wake at 2:00 am in the morning!

This morning on my way to work I had a bad feeling that today will be one of those days that does not pass at all and every minute is counted in my mind.

I could not put some serious attention to my work and I am constantly surfing the net, sometimes looking at one website several times. What is happening to me? Is it the blogging? Is blogging supposed to be boring?

I am going to Shahre Naw to city center to buy Prison Break season 3 and watch it all in one go!

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Why Worry?

Why worry? why and why? it does not do any good except make you feel hell on earth.

I checked on the wiki and the official worry definition is as follows:

 “Worry refers to negative self-talk that often distracts the mind from focusing on the problem at hand”


 so when we worry , we are actually blocking our mind to do the right thing!

It has happened to me lately that I am worrying a lot about very small things which might sound funny to the listener. It is very distressing and completely out of control thing that I do.

I don’t know how to get over something bad once it enters my head and I am really desperate to find a cure for me.

let me share with you about what I am worrying lately, so as I went home yesterday I see that some of the pavement stones have been broken by the gardner, at first I did not react to the accident but later the whole picture of the broken pavement is coming to my head again and again. Normally without worrying I should have hired somebody to repair the damn pavement, but with my gift of worrying I am only worrying about it and am enjoying the mess in my head.

This is too much and I have to stop this nonsense, I am going right now to get somebody to fix the pavement or any other thing for that matter and am not going to worry about it!


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The Dostum – Akbar Bai Affair

There are rumors that attorney general Mr. Jabar Sabet with blessings from President Karzai himself has ordered Afghan National Police to arrest General Dostum in the coming days . Fearing this move by Afghan government, Dostum has already brought a number of his armed supporters secretly to Kabul and there is a imminent fear of armed conflict in Kabul.


  Looking back at the whole saga, one can easily remember the days when Dostums and his friends in conflict had reduced the Afghan capital to rubbles during the 90’s.

I am fearing that the whole history of the 90’s will be repeated again if the government do not take swift and firm action against criminals like Dostum and his friends who are still largely part of the current government setup.

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Thursday is called Gulshanbe (Gul = flower, shanbe = week day) in Afghanistan and you know why, because this is the best day of the week!

By the time you get up from bed, you are already thinking about the Friday that is tomorrow and the thought of it makes you just happy. Friday is the weekend in Afghanistan and everybody stays home, sleeping well into the day and doing nothing at all except enjoying themselves.

I particularly like the full 10 hour sleep that I get on Fridays, the large and tasty lunch with the whole family and last but not the least staying idle all day reading books and napping in the afternoon.

On Thursday me and my ghostly Friends go out (you might call it that in Kabul) and try hard to have some fun in Kabul. Mostly they are visits to the city centre (shopping mall, newly built), sometimes we go out to dinner on Thursdays to some place with good Chelam (Sheesha). It is nice and fun to just let go all the pressure from the week and just enjoy yourself for one day.

There are a number of things that we lack in Kabul which could have made our gulshanbe even more fun:

  • a nice cinema with latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks
  • a night club (without all the security guys in it @@ wishful thinking!)
  • a romantic  restaurant where you could go to and not see any guns (total spoilers)
  • a bowling club (aaahhhhh)
  • a spot bar with live football matches from premier league! (definitely)
  • a health club and spa (with reasonable prices matching that of Delhi or Islamabad and not New York!)
  • What else?

I am sure there are other missing things from the scene in Kabul but already with the above list it almost covers everything a great city needs.

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All the fuss about languages!

I am really tired of the recent spat about the use of some words (Danishgah, Danishjo and Danishkada) instead of others (Pohantoon, Mahsel, Pohanzai) . It is really boring to dicuss these minor issues at the time when Afghanistan faces huge challenges on all fronts.

Just to mention one important news in the last month alone more than 1200 peopole have died because of the cold wave hitting parts of the country and this has not attracted the kind of attention that the language game has attracted.

It is really disappointing that media organisations and political parties are using the language issue to stir ethnic and tribal tensions between the people of Afghanistan.

One can not count on political parties to avoid these spats, but I am very disappointed with the media outlets who are really putting petrol on the fire and making an issue out of it.

I was watching the Guftuman programme on Tolo last night and the performance of the anchor was shameful if nothing more. The guy really did not know anything about journalism ethics and was taking sides all the time. For example every time Mr. Habibullah Rafi a prominent Afghan scholar tried to reply to Mr. Anchor’s stupid questions, He would immediately cut him and do not let him speak freely. By contrast he allowed Mr. Rahnaward Zariab an Iranian agent working to destabilise Afghanistan by stirring this issue to make allegations without any proof and fact behind it.

I am sure that ordinary people are fed up with these unnecessary and useless discussions and would like the media to focus on what is good for Afghanistan collectively and not what is good for our neighbouring countries.

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Ghost with a blog!

Hi you all out there! here it is the first blog ( I have to check) by an official ghost. When I say the first I am not sure if this is the case and I will check that today with the ghost registry of blog writers. Anyways, I always wanted to have a blog and to communicate with my fellow ghosts as well as with humans but I did not had the means to do so (I will write about this latter!). Now that I have the means and I am doing the thing itself (blogging) I plan to write about everything a ghost feels (humans do not know about this) and hope that ghosts and humans a like will read my blog and appreciate or criticise its contents.

OK, this is the start and lets see where we go from now. I have to go somebody needs me and I will see you guys latter! ( I can see you but you could not).

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