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I am disappointed Barak Hussain Obama!

It is official Obama is accepting appologies over the use of his middle name by his rivals!

Why the hell is he apologetic about his name? Again the question of the name and the religioin in US politics which is very shamefull to happen in a country which calls itself the most democratic country in the world! And it is more shamefull on part of Obama who is sorry about his origin and his name!


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Here it is , Obama is not Muslim!

Finally Obama has come clean and declared that he is not a Muslim after all!

The one thing that is very clear to me (now) is the fact that a Muslim citizen of America does not have a chance of ever becoming US president, but still the why part of the question is still un-answered. Well, whatever I am supporting Obama to win whether he has any religious believes or not, it really does not matter. As his supporters claim, I believe he really brings a new dimension into the American politics and every time he speaks change is in the air and change my brother is what is needed in America and the world today.

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Obama fights false links to Islam??????

I have a hobby as you may call it a hobby that as soon as I arrive to my ghostly office I review all the news on the net. This morning as I was skimming through sites a Yahoo news article written by an AP writer really confused and upset me.

For Barack Obama, it is an ember that he has doused time and again, only to see it flicker anew: links to Islam fanned by false rumors, innuendo and association. Obama and his campaign reacted strongly this week when a photo of him in Kenyan tribal garb began spreading on the Internet.

Why? A Muslim can not become the President of United States? What about the American Muslims? How would they feel about this? let alone every Muslim on the face of earth.

The US mainstream media treat this Obama’s link to Islam as a dark secret that he is trying to hide. I am really confused and upset about the fact that muslims are openly told that you are not eligible to hold office just because you are Muslim. This is not democracy and equality!

Maybe it is not about Islam and it is about the white guys who do not want to see a black president? I am not sure, very confused.

I hope somebody will have answer to the question of why not a Muslim and a black president?

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